Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

Technically, Bloggiesta wrapped up yesterday, but this weekend was crazy!  In between trying to spiff up my blog and connect with more readers, I was cheering on the Hubs at his 5k race, making blanket forts for the Lil Dude, and hosting a big playdate at our house.  There was a lot of cleaning involved afterwards...
Anyway.  Despite all that, I DID get a lot done for Bloggiesta!

-I tried out my new layout, and despite the issue I'm having in the comments section, I like!

-I created a Review Archive for my header

-I made a Gravatar, thanks to Jenni Elyse's mini challenge

-I used HubSpot to grade and evaluate my website, thanks to Smash Attacks Reads' mini challenge

-I challenged myself to do 2 blog-things out of my comfort zone (read/review a steampunk novel, and write to a publisher to request a review copy!), thanks to Jen from YA Romantics' mini challenge

-I started creating a schedule for my reviews and posts, thanks to On A Book Bender's mini challenge

-And I networked with about a billion new readers, thanks to all the Bloggiesta Twitter chats and comments!

Overall, highly productive weekend!  And I'm looking forward to the next Bloggiesta in March.

Until then...any suggestions for a good steampunk novel for someone who's never read one?


  1. Awesome list! I need to do On a Book Bender's mini challenge this week. I got to look over it but didn't have time to actually do anything for it.

    Bloggiesta is never done LOL!

  2. So true! I feel like I'll start losing my motivation right around February-ish...just in time for March Bloggiesta. Ha!

  3. Considering that you had a lot to do, you managed to do a lot for your blog as well. And it's so true-I started feeling a bit run-down, but with Bloggiesta I got more inspiration for blogging.


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