Review Policy

**Please note: the below review policy is currently ON HIATUS.  Unsolicited review copies are not being accepted at this time.**

Hi there!  If you are interested in having your book reviewed on The Well-Read Redhead, I am currently accepting print copies, e-books (compatible with Kindle), and audiobooks (CDs or iTunes-compatible) for review from authors, publicists, marketers, etc.  I accept ARCs as well as books already on the shelves, and will guarantee a timely review (within 30 days of release date).

I am open to doing author interviews and giveaways, in addition to reviews.

As you will see from the blog, I read a wide variety of genres.  My favorites are contemporary fiction, women's fiction, YA, and literary fiction.  The genres I do not accept for review right now are self-help, poetry, paranormal/paranormal romance, westerns, Christian, and romance/erotica.

I currently do not accept self-published books for review.

I don't promise a glowing review for every book, but I do promise my complete, honest, and well-thought-out opinion.  I will post a review for every book I read, even if it is not favorable.  Reviews will be published as close to release date as possible (unless another timeframe is requested), and are also posted on my Goodreads account (Amazon by request).  All reviews will remain free of spoilers.

Contact me (Kelly) at with any requests.  Thanks!

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