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Friday, August 16, 2013

Wassup, 1990? I have a PEN PAL!

Today, I just wanted to quickly share with you all a very cool activity that I've gotten myself involved with this month.  Stormy over at Book.Blog.Bake has started a Book Blog Pen Pal Exchange.  How flippin' cool is that?

I had several pen pals in elementary know, back in the time when you could still show off your Lisa Frank stationery and the Interwebs didn't take over the world with skeezy chat rooms yet.  I remember how EXCITED I would get whenever a letter came in the mail for me from these faraway "friends".  So when Stormy proposed this idea, I was totally game.

Tell me these postcards were not THE BUSINESS back in the day.
Each month that you sign up for the exchange (you don't have to do it every month), you get assigned a new pen pal (also another book blogger).  Then, for that month, the two of you trade letters, chatting about books and whatever else.  Pretty neat-o concept.

This month, I am paired with Katie from Doing Dewey.  Her blog was new to me when we got paired, and I am happy that the exchange helped me discover it!  She is trying to read one book from every number in the Dewey Decimal System.  SAY WHUT?  I know.  Kudos to her.  We've each written one letter so far, and I'm looking forward to a bit more snail-mail chatting before our month is up.

Fellow bloggers, are any of you doing this exchange?  And if you're not a blogger, tell me about your last pen pal!
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