Friday, August 24, 2012


Hello, fearless readers!  I'm Kelly, the Well-Read Redhead.  I will admit, it feels a little presumptuous to call myself "well-read" right off the bat...but really, YOU try coming up with a catchy book-related blog name that includes your distinctive hair color.  Limited options, truly.

However, I do hope that "well-read" is at least a somewhat accurate description for me, given my lifelong love of reading. And when you love something, you blog about it.  I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

So, stay tuned as I bring you my reviews, bookish musings, and important thoughts about the origin of "book smell".  I always welcome your comments and feedback.  As things get going, I hope to also move into some giveaways, author interviews, and the like.  First review is coming later today--stand by!

Oh, and follow me on Twitter!  @TheWRRedhead.  If you need convincing, I can promise more grammatically-correct tweets than Kanye West.

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