Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012!

In the few weeks that I've been book blogging, I have been insanely impressed by the excitement and enthusiasm of the book blog community.  I knew that fellow bloggers were out there, but I had no idea how many great opportunities there were for me to engage with them!

I just found out about Bloggiesta, a weekend-long book blogger event that focuses on bringing bloggers together to encourage each other to spruce up their blog spaces and share new ideas.  Being new to the scene, I think this sounds like a great opportunity to expand my lil site, and also meet some of my blogging compadres.

So, I'm signing up today!  It runs from Sept 28-30.  Check out the info over at There's A Book to find out more and get registered!


  1. I'm participating too - it's fun to do the challenges and see what everyone is doing on their blogs.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. I'm glad you decided to participate, it's so much fun! :D

    My Bloggiesta.

  3. This will be my first year participating as well. I'm looking forward to dedicating some time for some blog "home improvements" but mostly, I think I'm looking forward to socializing with other Bloggiesta people! :)

    Good luck!


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