Monday, September 24, 2012

Get your happy pants on!

It's my birthday, y'all!  I've still got 1 year of 20's left!

And it's my one-month blogaversary!

AND I'm going to the Dennis Lehane signing tonight!

I was going to do a giveaway today, in honor of this most momentous of days, but I recently found out that I'm going to be a part of the Banned Book week event (next week) hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, and that includes a giveaway.  Yup, right here on The Well-Read Redhead.  I'd love to do 2 giveaways, but I'm not made of money, y'all.  Blogging just don't pay.  So you have to wait til Sunday for a chance at freebies.  :)

In the meantime, enjoy your Monday, and I will have a full Dennis Lehane report tomorrow.  Pinky swears.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Have a blast at the signing tonight, can't wait to hear about it!!

  2. Ahhh to be 29 again. ENJOY! ; )

  3. Happy Birthday! Best wishes for the year ahead.

  4. Happy Birthday! :D Have fun at the signing too! I love the gifs that you picked out too!

  5. Those gifs are freaking fantastic! Also, happy birthday and blogoversary, and I hope the signing is wonderful!

  6. Ok, I know this is really late, however this post just made me SO happy. So I have to say Happy Belated Birthday!!!


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