Saturday, November 17, 2012

Small Fry Saturday #6: Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton

It's time for installment #6 of Small Fry Saturdays!  This is where I do a weekly showcase of books that my Small Fry is currently reading.  Feel free to do a SFS post on your blog (with the graphic above) or leave a comment below about your favorite kiddie reads.

Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton

One of our neighbors gifted us a copy of Pajama Time when I was still pregnant.  She said that her daughter adored the book, and she wanted to pass a copy on for us as a result.  I had never read a Sandra Boynton book, but I quickly realized how fun they are!

Pajama Time is a bedtime book that will make your kids want to dance before getting into bed (okay, hear me out).  The characters in the book start putting on their PJs of all different kinds--fuzzy, striped, polka-dot, you name it.  Then they dance their way into bed.  The Pajama Time song is hilarious to sing ("Jamma jamma jamma jamma P! J!").  Hubs thinks it's kind of weird, but I get REALLY into it.  And Small Fry seems quite entertained by this theatrical show before sleepy time.

The illustrations are bright and cheery, and the book does conclude on a more hushed note--perfect for saying "the end" and shutting out the light.  This pick made me curious about Boynton's other books, which I've found are equally as funny and well-illustrated.  Your Personal Penguin is a recent one that we've added to the collection--will be showing up in a future Small Fry Saturday post for sure!

What are your favorite bedtime books for kids?


  1. I loved reading this one to my daughter when she was younger. We also enjoyed Boynton's Hippos Go Berserk, Barnyard Dance and Snuggle Puppy.

    Right now my daughter's favourite bedtime book is Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary. Our all-time favourite bedtime book, however, is Goodnight Moon.

  2. We LOVE LOVE LOVE S. Boyton in this house. Happy Hippo Angry Duck is Lillian's favorite. You must check it out.

  3. This sounds like so much fun. I like the lots of different pajamas and the bright colors.

    Joy's Book Blog

  4. My kids were crazy about Sandra Boynton's books. My 5-year old son still loves What's Wrong, Little Pookie? He thinks it's hilarious, and it is!

  5. Oh yes Melissa, no one can contest that Goodnight Moon is #1 for bedtime! :)

    Diana, I'll have to check out that one. I can't believe how many she has out, I keep coming across new ones!


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