Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Well-Read Redhead's 2014 Resolutions

Happy 2014, readers!!  Here's hoping for a fun and exciting new year!

It's time to review my resolutions for 2013 and see how I did.  These were the resolutions that I posted at the beginning of the year...both book-related and not.  So, did I meet my goals, or fail miserably?

The Well-Read Redhead's 2013 Resolutions: Pass or Fail?

1. Read at least 60 books, and complete the challenges I signed up for: HALF PASS!
According to Goodreads, I read 72 books in 2013...woohoo!!  Gotta love overshooting the reading goal.  HOWEVER, I definitely did not complete all of my challenges.  Out of the 5 challenges I took on, I completed 3 (Foodies Read, Audiobook, and Keyword).  I half-finished the Around The World in 12 Books challenge (did great until mid-year, then kind of dropped off), and didn't even come close to the TBR challenge.

Lesson learned: 5 challenges is way too many!

2. Mix in some varied content with my book reviews: ehhhh, mostly FAIL.
I did OK with this early in the year, but when life got crazy with our move and the pregnancy, I didn't have the time/mental capacity for much more than book reviews.  Ah well...perhaps when things settle into a better know, in like 2016 or so?

3. Manage my computer/phone time better: mostly PASS!
My big goal here was to stop letting technology time cut into my family time.  For the most part, I think I've done a good job with that.  I make a very strong effort not to check my iPhone every 2.4 seconds while I'm home with Small Fry and Tater Tot (and for the most part, I only check it during the day when they're sleeping or otherwise occupied).  And at night, I am rarely doing blog stuff on the computer anymore, because I try to save it for naptime.  I'd like to keep working on this (I have my days where I don't do as well with it), but overall I'm glad I made this a goal for the year.

4. Eat (and cook) with more variety, and more healthfully: PASS!
I'm still no Escoffier, but I did make a really concerted effort to try lots of new recipes and cook healthy meals for my family.  We eat takeout almost never, which I'm happy about, and the food we eat at home has had good variety for the most part.  I'm hoping to keep this up this year...especially as I try to lose baby weight.  Haha.

5. Print photobooks of our past family photos: FAIL!
I was going to make photo books on Shutterfly from 2009 on (I already have printed photo albums for our years as a family before that, 2005-2008).  I made the 2009 photobook last January and then never ordered it.  LOL.  It's just so darn expensive!!!  So maybe if I fall into a few hundred extra dollars this year, I'll finally get a few ordered...yeah, probably not.

6. Work on my upper body and ab strength: LOLOLOLOLOL
I obviously did not take possible pregnancy into account with this goal.  What are abs again?

And now...

The Well-Read Redhead's 2014 Resolutions
both book-related and not

1. Read at least 40 books.
I'm going way easy on myself and lowering my goal by 20 books, thanks to Tater Tot's arrival.  I really have no idea how much reading time I'm going to have this year, so I'm hoping not to pressure myself too much.

2. Complete the TBR challenge.
Five challenges was way too many for 2013, so I'm limiting myself to one this year.  I have soooo many books on my shelves at home, and it's time to tackle them!  I'm also planning to cut back on ARCs this year, so that should help me fail less miserably.

3. Run at least one 5K by year's end.
I really, really, REALLY can't wait to start running again once I get exercise clearance from my OBGYN.  However, I know my running time is going to be limited, and I was less physically active during this pregnancy than I was with Small Fry's.  So, if I can complete one 5K race by the end of the year, I will be happy.  More than one is a bonus.  Long term goal: to complete the Boilermaker 15K in July 2015.  I ran it in 2008 and it's such a fun race, I'm hoping to be back in shape for it by then.

4. Be a patient momma.
This is not just because I have a new kiddo in the house (though that is part of it).  This goal is actually more inspired by Small Fry than Tater Tot.  I have never been the most patient person in the world, and Small Fry is in full-scale toddler mode.  Parental impatience + toddlerhood = disaster.  For the most part, I do a good job keeping my cool when SF tests my patience, but I could do better.  So this year, I am going to make a really concerted effort to be more level-headed when he starts grinding my gears.  :)

Okay, that's it!  You heard 'em here first.   Now, what are YOUR resolutions for 2014??


  1. Very nice. Short and simple. I like that. That's how mine are for this year, which basically boil down to this: lose 20 to 30 pounds, read whatever I want (no challenges) and be assertive but polite.

    1. Good luck with your resolutions! I have seen a lot of "read whatever I want" resolutions from book bloggers this year...methinks ARCs are going to get short shrift if everyone sticks to their guns. :)

  2. Fabulous resolutions! I keep trying to figure out what my resolutions are, and I'm failing... That's probably not a great sign.

    1. Haha, better off just living recklessly then!!

  3. Challenges can be tough, I prefer ones that have no ending date - but saying that I have several for this year... but you passed your to read goal, so that's great! =D

    Experimenting with cooking is so fun, plus healthy eating makes you generally feel happier/better, so that sounds good!

    Best of luck with this year's goals =)

    1. Yeah I would love to start doing some of those long-term challenges that give you more than a year to complete. That might be more my speed!

  4. Excellent resolutions! For me: less processed food (fell off the wagon a bit), read 80 books, use my time more wisely, enjoy all the moments with my little boy.

    1. Ah yes, processed food...I've done a lot better at avoiding it, but it is so, so hard sometimes!

  5. I'd love to mix in more non-review content myself, but it just takes so much time! Good luck with all your new years resolutions in the coming year :)

    1. It really does! The creativity involved, plus the writing time is usually much longer. Eventually I'd like to give that more consideration, but I know I just won't have the time this year.

  6. I love alternating between personal and book related posts, it's so much fun! I just can't blog completely about books lol. All of your resolutions seem reasonable, good luck with them! I'm setting my book goal for 50 books lol. I read over 100 books one year and it felt too fast for me, that's awesome that you read 72 this year! Congrats! Thanks for sharing :)

    Best xoxo,

    1. oooh how I would love to read 100 books in a year...maybe one day!! :) Good luck with your goal of 50!

  7. Good luck! As always, I love the GIF with this post! I hope to squeeze in some binge-watching of Game of Thrones this winter. With all my New Year's resolutions, it might be hard! ;)

    1. You know, I have yet to watch that show...likely because I am trying to wait until I read the books. But the books are so long, the show is going to be history by the time I get around to it. lol.

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