Saturday, February 22, 2014

Small Fry Saturday #23: Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Hey there readers!  Small Fry Saturday is back!  WOOOOOO!!

As you may remember, Small-Fry Saturday is a when-I-feel-like-it meme to showcase some of books that my 2-year-old Small Fry is currently reading.  Feel free to do a SFS post on your blog (with the graphic above) or leave a comment below about your favorite kiddie reads.

This week's selection is...

Dragons Love Tacos  by Adam Rubin
(illustrated by Daniel Salmieri)

Now that I'm home with my kiddos full time, I take them to the library at least once a week.  Small Fry is now 2.5, and takes great pleasure in picking out at least 2 books to bring home at the end of every library trip.  However, because his reading skills know, at the 2.5-year-old level, his book selections tend to be pretty random.  That said, I have no idea what compelled him to grab this one a few weeks ago, but WAY TO GO, KID.  Because this book is hilarious.

So, the basic premise of the book is this: dragons love tacos.  But they hate spicy salsa, WITH A PASSION.  However, they do love parties, and obviously, they love TACO parties.  So throw your dragons a taco party, but good God, don't mess it up by serving spicy salsa.  Or you're going to have a lot of really flippin' angry dragons after you.

I know.  It makes no sense, AND YET IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE.  This book is meant to be funny, and kids will definitely see the humor, but adults are going to love the subtleties even more.  Plus, the illustrations match the tone perfectly.

If you're into quirky humor and/or have a kid that is a fan of dragons (or tacos, but not spicy salsa), this book is fantastic.  Definitely the best library find that Small Fry's had in a long time!

What's your favorite humorous kid's book?


  1. Haha! I first saw this one over at A Lovely Bookshelf On the Wall, and I really need to REMEMBER to buy it for Greyson! He would totally dig it.

    1. Oooh I will have to check out Monika's review. See how much I haven't been paying attention to my own meme? haha.

  2. That sounds awesome. I miss my daughter being young enough for us to plow through books like that. Have you read There's No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent ? It's a hoot too. I might grab this one for my daughter anyhow - we still read picture books occasionally.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will check that one out! It's funny, sometimes I can't WAIT to get to the stage where we can read chapter books together, but then I think about how much fun we have with books like this and I don't want him to ever move past them. :)

  3. This looks like so much fun. In our house, we are big fans of Dinosaurs Love Underpants. The story proposes that the dinosaurs died out because of an epic war over underwear...:)

    1. OH MAN. I need to check that one out. My son would love it! hahaha.

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