Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From the Land of Gas Leaks and Broken Ovens: August 2013 in Review

Oy vey, August has already managed to come and go.  Though I did have a few fun posts, I also had a record low number of posts for the month (only 12! Ouch).  Fitting, I suppose, given the chaos of our recent and upcoming moves.

I mentioned previously about some of the struggles we had with our temporary rental, the list of which has grown to include the 4 (fixed) natural gas leaks, a broken oven, 2 broken dishwashers, an immovable, enormous fire pit in our backyard full of broken glass, a burst pipe, and neighbors who have had a few too many visits from the local police force for my liking.

HOWEVER, I am happy to report that we will be officially moving to our (forever?) home starting September 14, less than 2 short weeks from now.  Oh, how I count the very minutes.  YOU CAN'T IMAGINE.  (For any new followers getting lost in this story, feel free to read back here and catch up a bit.)

September is also going to be crazy-slash-awesome because it is mine and Hubster's 6th wedding anniversary, the start of my third trimester, AND my 30th birthday (of which I am not scared in the least, thankyouverymuch).  Plus, you know, autumn and all the greatness that is apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes (decaf...sigh), and cooler weather (especially for this sweaty preggo. What I would give for a 65-degree day).

(Oh, and in book news, don't forget that Stephen King's Doctor Sleep comes out September 24...which is, OF COURSE, my birthday...and I've already preordered it and will be staring at my Kindle at midnight to watch it download.)

ANYWAY.  That's this month.  Let's recap a bit of last month.

The August 2013 Fave/Least Fave picks go to:

August 2013 Favorite:  The Banks of Certain Rivers by Jon Harrison
August 2013 Least Favorite:  Race Across the Sky by Derek Sherman

In total, I read/reviewed 5 books:
The Never List  by Koethi Zan

Race Across the Sky  by Derek Sherman
The Panopticon  by Jenni Fagan
The Banks of Certain Rivers  by Jon Harrison
Hungry  by Darlene Barnes

Otherwise, I was admittedly a bit absent, but I did reveal that Tater Tot is going to be a boy, and we went back to 1990 to reminisce about pen pals.

So, there's August...bring on September and all the chaos that shall ensue!  (I promise my months will get uneventful again soon, maybe in October?  Well, at least until this baby arrives.  

Nevermind, I make no promises.)


  1. That's a lot of trouble, glad it's only the rental and you'll be moving soon. In the circumstances, 12 posts is very good, and it's good you had time to read a far number of books, too. Happy 6 years :D

    1. Thanks Charlie! Yes, I figure if I can keep up my post momentum at least through this month, I can give myself a pat on the back. :)

  2. Ugh! I feel your pain! When we bought our house, we discovered a gas leak, had it fixed, and then found out that the water heater wouldn't re-light due to a manufacturing error that was OF COURSE out of warranty by a month. Then there was the tiled in dishwasher, the "dry" finished basement that we had to rip out and redo thanks to water damage, and the leaky faucet I've been trying to ignore. It's been an adventure. Hope your forever home has significantly fewer faults!

    1. Thanks, I hope so too!! Isn't home ownership a BLAST??

  3. Oh ugh, we've got a broken oven in our rental house right now and it stinks! I'm getting clever with the crockpot, though. haha

    I can't believe you're almost at the 3rd trimester already, yay!!!

    1. It really is amazing what you can learn to make when you are without an oven. Skillet meatloaf went over surprisingly well...

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