Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Well-Read Runner: BIG news...65.5 miles of it!

Remember a few weeks back, when I mentioned that one of my goals for 2016 is to complete Rochester's 4 Seasons Challenge (4 half marathons during the year, 1 in each season)?

About that.

My husband told me well before my birthday (September 24, in case you forgot!) that he was going to give me the entry fee for the 4 Seasons Challenge.  All I had to do was tell him where to make the purchase.  However, our local Fleet Feet (the owners of which also own the local race timing company) said that they were not opening registration for 2016 yet, because they had "new details" to iron out.  Oooooh, mysterious!

So my birthday came and went last week, with no news of 4SC.  The anticipation was killing me!  I just wanted to register already!!

Then, the news struck.  On September 30, Fleet Feet announced that the 2016 challenge will have two options: you can either do the 4 half marathons, OR you can do the first 3 half marathons, and then do the full Rochester marathon in September (instead of the Rochester half, which runs at the same time).

Registration was set to open the next day, October 1.

What's the difference between the two options?  Other than an extra 13.1 miles, not much.  You still get all the same 4SC swag, and the same giant medal at the end of all 4 races (at each race, you get the finisher medal but then also 1/4 of a GIANT 4SC medal, the 4 pieces come together once you have all of them).  The same feeling of SUPREME AWESOMENESS when you finish all 4.

But I just.couldn't.resist. the challenge.  So I woke up October 1 and signed up...for the marathon option.


I am SO EXCITED and also completely FREAKING OUT!

I have said for a while that I wanted to have my first marathon be a BIG one (Chicago, NYC, etc), because who knows if I'll want to do a second marathon?  But this opportunity was just too cool to pass up.  So now I have to do a second marathon too, I suppose!  But that's okay, because if marathons are anything like halfs, I'll enjoy the second one a LOT more than the first.  ;)

Many thanks go out to my husband in advance, as we did chat about this before I signed up, and he has expressed his full support for this endeavor...something I will certainly need as the mileage builds up next summer.  My husband and my kiddos are my biggest cheerleaders, and I definitely could not do this without them!

Sounds like 2016 is going to be quite the year for my running.  For now, I have to focus on training for the first of the 4SC halfs, Winter Warrior, coming up January 9.  Already ordered some new thermal tights to get me going (I ran the relay this year and it was -15 degrees)!  Stay tuned...

Anyone else committed to a big race for 2016?  Something you've never tried before?


  1. That's awesome!!! And I'm sure you'll do great! Interesting to hear that the second half marathon is much easier than the first...I said I'd never do another one after my first and promptly switched over to triathlons. Ha! I did my first Sprint last summer and a Super Sprint last weekend...and I will do another Sprint next summer.

    1. It sounds like tris might just be a better fit for you! My first half was so disappointing, I just KNEW I could do better. The second one was still hard, but I was able to train so much smarter, and I put less pressure on myself, so overall it was a MUCH better experience.

  2. That's great! Something to look forward to, for sure! I'm running marathon #4 (and bucket list item) Big Sur in January. This will most likely be my last marathon, so what a great way to end, right?

    1. I am SO jealous of Big Sur! What an amazing experience that will be!!

  3. How exciting! I'm not even thinking about 2016 yet, except for plans to hopefully finish up my PhD next year, but I'm inspired by your big goals! It makes me want to come up with something fun to do too :)

    1. My husband is also hoping to finish his PhD in 2016, so cheers to that!! :)

  4. Go you! That'll be a good way to finish the challenge, too.

  5. When I first read the post title, I thought you were signing up for an ultra-marathon. Glad to hear those 65.5 miles aren't all at once! Good luck!

    1. Not ready for that...yet...give me a few years...haha!

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