Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Monday! What are YOU reading?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  What are you reading today?
Our weekend was busy with all sorts of good stuff.  On Saturday, I got a tattoo (my third) of an infinity symbol with my boys' names woven into it.  I LOVE IT.  I wish I could show it to you, but as you know, they go by Small Fry and Tater Tot on the blog, and that is not what the tattoo says (although that would have been pretty fantastic).  So for privacy's sake, you'll just have to imagine it.  But this is the idea photo that I provided to the artist, if you want the gist:

It went on the inner part of my upper arm (bicep area) and it didn't hurt all that much.  Because after childbirth, nothing else hurts all that much.  Anyway, these kids better love me forever, because they are totally stuck to me now!

Sunday we took Small Fry and Tater Tot to one of the local farms that were doing a fall festival.  It was awesome!  Pumpkin patch, train rides, giant slides, playground, sandbox, petting zoo, corn maze, etc.  The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time.  (An even better time when we got home and both kiddos passed out for a nap--woo!!!)

As for what I'm reading these days:

Larger Than Life by Jodi Picoult

From Jodi Picoult, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Storyteller and My Sister’s Keeper, comes a gripping and beautifully written novella, now available exclusively as an eBook. Set in the wilds of Africa, Larger Than Life introduces Alice, the unforgettable character at the center of Picoult’s anticipated new novel, Leaving Time
A researcher studying memory in elephants, Alice is fascinated by the bonds between mother and calf—the mother’s powerful protective instincts and her newborn’s unwavering loyalty. Living on a game reserve in Botswana, Alice is able to view the animals in their natural habitat—while following an important rule: She must only observe and never interfere. Then she finds an orphaned young elephant in the bush and cannot bear to leave the helpless baby behind. Thinking back on her own childhood, and on her shifting relationship with her mother, Alice risks her career to care for the calf. Yet what she comes to understand is the depth of a parent’s love.  (From  Goodreads )

Yes, it's that time of year again!  Jodi Picoult's latest release is on the horizon.  (If you are unsure about my level of excitement for this, please educate yourself here.)  Leaving Time will be available October 14, but readers are getting a special treat beforehand--this novella that delves into the past of one of Leaving Time's central characters.  It's only in eBook format, but was offered for free for a short time (score!).

The novella is interesting so far--not full of the twists and turns that you expect from a Picoult book, as it's more of a character study to get your curiosity going for the novel that is to come.  But I love getting this early glimpse at one of the new book's characters, and it's definitely getting me psyched for release day.  Picoult fans should check this out--it's a quick read and a fun way to gear up for her latest work.

What will I read next?
Several options ahead for me!  I have The Hunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson from the library...getting ready for spooky Halloween-ish reads.  I'm also considering a Stephen King novel (as I always do this time of year)...perhaps Bag of Bones .  And I've also got my new pick from the TBR book baggie-- Moby Dick by Herman Melville.  EEK!  I have a feeling that one might wait for a while.

What's in your reading plans this week, friends?  Any fun Halloween reads coming up?


  1. Happy Monday! Looooove the tattoo. I have one with my kidlet's names on it too. I'd take a picture but it's on my leg which is currently sporting it's coat of winter hair, ha!

    I'm reading Hill House right now! Great minds... I wouldn't mind picking up a King to read or re-read this fall but I'm pretty sure I'm going to read Dracula for the first time. Oooh!

    1. Haha totally get you on the winter hair, as soon as it started hitting highs of 60 or so, the shaving went way down. LOL.

      I know there's a readalong happening for Hill House right now, but I'm not disciplined enough to read it within the right time frame...haha. But looking forward to checking out the posts once I finish. Dracula, that's a good one to tackle! Been on my TBR a while!

  2. I'm finishing up To Kill a Mockingbird this week and then... I have a couple galleys. I KNOW I said I wasn't going to do galleys for a while but I couldn't resist these. ;)

    Love the tattoo, it's beautiful!

    1. Galleys are tough to resist sometimes! I have one for TLC at the end of October, otherwise I've been good about staying ARC-free.

  3. I have actually never read Moby Dick! I've read a few other stories by Herman that I enjoyed so maybe I would enjoy that one too! Hope you have a great reading week! :)

    Here's my reading week:

    1. My husband said he's read some of Melville's other work too, and he enjoyed it quite a bit. Funny because I don't know if I could name a single one of his other books!

  4. Just started The Ladies Room by Carolyn Brown while I wait for Outlander from my library.

    1. You're making me want to start Outlander so we can discuss! Such a commitment though! Once I finish one I know I'll want to read the others...:)

    2. Do it!!! I just started it tonight. Do it!!!!

    3. And now I saw that you finished it! You are super woman! I am a slow reader these days. Still haven't started it. Haha.

  5. I have Miss Peregrine's coming up, and Lauren Oliver's Rooms for Halloween.

    Guy Vestal @ Counter Culture Critic

    1. Heard great things about Rooms! May need to get that one from the library soon.

  6. Moby Dick took me quite a while to read. I will be interested to see what you think!!

    Halloween reads are a lot of fun. I just started Lauren Beuke's Broken Monsters.

    1. Yeah, I can tell it will be a lengthy one. Like Gone With The Wind (my long summer read) I will likely have to do it with a few shorter books spaced in between.

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