Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 2014 in Review

Ah, September.  That means 2 things:

1. Summer is nearly over, but that's okay because
2. September is my birthday and our wedding anniversary.  Woohoo!

Yes indeed, September is one of my very favorite months.  Not only for the two reasons listed above, but because I do love the onset of fall.  Cuz let's face it: warm weather is awesome, but sometimes it's nice when the weather gets cooler, you can wear jeans, and you don't have to shave your legs every five seconds. #realtalk

This summer has been pretty great though.  We went to our friends' camp in the Adirondacks a couple weeks ago with the kids, and it was a blast.  Bonfires, smores, kayaking, fishing, boat rides on the lake...YES PLEASE.  It was an awesome way to cap off a summer full of outdoorsy goodness.
Kayaking with mah boy
Plus, I somehow managed to be more present on the blog!  Let's recap August...

In August I read 3 books:
Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl

I also talked about books that I kinda sorta don't want to read, and celebrated my 2 year blogoversary.  WOOP.

September will be crazy, because Small Fry is starting preschool (somebody get me my fainting couch), I have the two super-fun "holidays" that I mentioned above, and I'm running my half marathon.  (Related: if there are no posts here after September 21st, please begin a search for my sore, creaky-kneed body somewhere on the half marathon race course.)  All joking aside though, I'm pretty stoked for it.  Stay tuned for a race report!

Bookishly, I'm planning to read my next TBR Book Baggie pick (Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen), and...I have no idea what else.  Isn't that lovely??  Perhaps I'll attack something on my 30 before 35's in need of some attention.

How was your summer, friends?  What's up next on your reading list?


  1. I looove fall, mostly because it's the time of year the farthest away from next summer. Summer and I are not pals. I'm far more comfortable in pants and sweaters than shorts and summer tops. My husband is the opposite. He wants to wear shorts and sandals year round, so he starts complaining about the "cold" as soon as it drops below 70. At which point I smack him. (Okay, not really...)

    1. LOL! I enjoy summer, but for a very limited time. I am definitely a person who needs seasons (Florida or Arizona are not in the cards for me). During our subzero upstate NY winters, I beg for summer. And then summer comes, and I'm happy for a couple months, and then I just start sweating too much and it's time for winter again. Then repeat cycle.

  2. Oh man, you aren't kidding about all the shaving. I so love fall! And pants. Man do I love pants!

    1. Let's all raise a drink for PANTS!

  3. I love fall, but it's SO SHORT here in CT! In September and October I'm all, heck yeah, bring on the boots and pumpkin everything!! And then by November 1st I'm freezing and miserable until about April (brief exception for December, because I love Christmas to an unhealthy level).

    1. Agreed. And if you think CT is bad, you should see Rochester...I grew up in CT, and my memories of fall are long and glorious compared to the quick-onset winters we get here!! :)

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